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Our Story

When I first set off on this journey 7 years ago, I couldn't even have dreamed that this was possible...

I first started this spreadsheet as a simple repair cost calculator to calculate repair costs and analyze deals for my real estate investing business...

Over time, I continued to build out solutions that would help streamline my business and ultimately save me time flipping houses...needless to say, I have invested thousands of hours into this project, so I doubt I have saved myself any time :), but I know this spreadsheet is the perfect solution to help streamline your rehab business!

And to think, it all started with a blank spreadsheet....

Our 1st Generation
The 1.0 Version of the House Flipping Spreadsheet was a simple deal analysis calculator that included a repair cost calculator and maximum purchase price calculator...this just wasn't good enough :)...

Our 2nd Generation
The 2.0 Version included some great new additions to the spreadsheet by adding the project scheduler and adding 10 great reporting options...I knew we could do better!...

Our 3rd Generation
After 8 months of of development work we completely re-built the spreadsheet to what I believe, is the most powerful, comprehensive, Excel-based solution for analyzing deals and managing rehab projects...

Our 4th Generation
Our 4.0 release added in some new tools, features & reports to help bolster and enhance the existing foundation laid with the 3.0 re-build.

Our 5th Generation
The 5.0 Version completely re-built the user interface with new Workflow layout to help enhance the user experience....we also added in new tools & reports to help analyze & manage your deals!...

Our NEW 6th Generation
The 6.0 release simplified the Deal Analysis and Accounting workflows to make analyzing deals and managing projects more intuitive...

Learn About the New House Flipping Spreadsheet 6 Release

New Web Software Platform (Flipper Force)!
But we understand that spreadsheets aren't for everyone, so if you are looking for a web-based house flipping software platform, we have that too!  For over a year we have been developing a new web-based platform called Flipper Force which includes all of the 'flipping amazing' functionality in our spreadsheets, except the platform is completely web-based, mobile-responsive, and takes advantage of the latest web technologies!

Learn About Our Flipper Force House Flipping Software

Today, we continuously strive to improve our products & customer service on a daily basis.  Your response and feedback has been fantastic, and we can't thank you enough for your continued support and business.

As always, feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or feedback.

Thanks again for your time and business.
House Flipping Spreadsheet Founder

Dave Robertson

Founder & Creator