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“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the house flipping spreadsheet. On every deal we look to your spreadsheet as the final decision maker.  Your spreadsheet has saved us from being complacent with a few deals that wouldn't have made us money. I have come to learn some of the best deals are the ones we walk away from.  Your spreadsheet does that for us.”

Scott C.

"House Flipping Spreadsheet was huge for me getting started! Now I am flipping 15 houses per year"

Gabe DaSilva, DaSilva Homes

"We flip about 4 houses per month. We've been using the Investment Reports to get funding from our Lenders and they are always impressed!"

Roger Oquist

"Love it! Kept us from overpaying for a foreclosure last week. Already paid for itself!"

Mark DiPietro

“Absolutely fantastic stuff! This has been one of the best value buys I have made.
I really appreciate the no cost updates!”

Jeff G.

“You are one of the best entrepreneurs that I have done business with as far as customer service is concerned.”

Northern D.

How the House Flipping Spreadsheet Works

Deal Analysis Features

The House Flipping Spreadsheet provides powerful Deal Analysis tools to help you estimate your repair costs and analyze the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer for a house flip or rehab project.​

Analyze MPP

Calculate the Maximum Purchase Price you should pay for a rehab property based upon your cost assumptions and investment criteria.

Analyze Profitability

Calculate the Project Profitability and ROI based upon a Known Purchase Price.

70% Rule Gauge

Get a gauge of how your offer price compares to the 70% Rule Formula to determine if you are overpaying based upon industry standards.

Create Reports

Create Professional Marketing Reports that you can use to raise money from your business partners, investors & lenders!

Deal Analysis Reports

Create Professional Financial Investment Reports for your business partners, investors & lenders...

+ Rental & Wholesale Deal Analysis!

Analyze Rental and Wholesale Deals

Rehab Project Management

The House Flipping Spreadsheet includes powerful Project Management tools to help manage and organize your rehab project milestones and project tasks.​

Project Scheduler

Create Project Schedules to manage your Scope of Work, project tasks and resources.

Learn About the Project Scheduler

Task Manager

Manage and organize your daily project tasks and project to-do's.

Project Management Reports & Checklists

​Pre-built Project Management reports to help manage and streamline your rehab project processes.

Project Accounting Features

The House Flipping Spreadsheet includes tools to create rehab budgets, track project expenses and forecast your rehab projects profitability

Project Budgeter

Manage Your Project Budgets and Track Your Actual Project Expenses to Forecast Budget Overages and Calculate Project Profitability.

Income & Expense Tracker

Use the Income and Expense Tracker to record and track project income and expenses on your rehab project so you can calculate your project profitability.

Learn About the Expense Tracker
House Flip Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Project Accounting Reports

Pre-built, professional accounting reports to help manage your rehab project budgets, expenses & profits...​

Letter from the Founder & Developer

Dear Valued Customer,

When I first set off on this journey back in 2009, I couldn't have dreamed all of this was possible.  I was working 50 to 60 hours a week for a commercial construction company as a construction cost estimator, with a knack for real estate, construction & numbers...and a dream of something more for myself...

In 2009, I decided to jump into real estate feet first with my first residence...

I remodeled most of the property myself, made hundreds of trips to the Home Depot, & I really developed a love/hate relationship for real estate.  I loved transforming an old, dilapidated property into a new beautiful home, but believe it or not, it's never as easy as what's shown on TV!...Real estate investing is hard!

So I realized if I was going to be successful in real estate, scale my business and get out of the rat race, I had to create better systems for my business to make investing easier...

As most investors do, I started by creating a simple Excel spreadsheet to help me estimate repair costs and  analyze deals.

Over time, my spreadsheet became more elaborate with new tools, reports & features being developed every day.  After countless hours, long nights, elaborate formulas, crazy VBA coding, and years of development, the result is the House Flipping Spreadsheet.

Today, the House Flipping Spreadsheet includes everything you need to analyze deals and manage your projects.  In fact,  we are the only product on the market that provides all-in-one solution for Deal Analysis, Project Management & Accounting.

Thanks to our relentless dedication to our product and customer service, we are the #1 spreadsheet on the market for flipping houses and have proudly earned a 5 out of 5 star rating from our clients and customers...

But we're not done!...We are always continuously improving our product and service, and have some  exciting new features in the pipeline which will make our program even more powerful and invaluable to your business.  The great news is, as a valued customer of our business, you will receive all future updates absolutely free!

Your response and feedback has been fantastic, and we can't thank you enough for your continued support and business.

As always, feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions about our product or service.

Thanks again for your time and business.

Best Regards,
House Flipping Spreadsheet Founder

Dave Robertson

Founder & Creator

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