Hi I'm Dave, the crazy spreadsheet nerd! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Our Story

Dear Valued Customer,

I am Dave Robertson & I am the crazy spreadsheet nerd 🤓 that created the House Flipping Spreadsheet.

When I first set off on this journey back in 2009, I couldn't have dreamed all of this was possible.  I was working 50 to 60 hours a week as a construction cost estimator for a commercial construction company, with a knack for real estate, construction & numbers...and a dream of something more for myself...

I Bought My First Property

In 2009, I decided to jump into real estate feet-first with my first personal residence...

The property needed a new kitchen, new bathrooms, new flooring and paint, but other than that the home was structurally sound, so it was a pretty straight forward cosmetic rehab.

I remodeled most of the property myself, made hundreds of trips to the Home Depot, & I really developed a love/hate relationship for real estate.  I loved transforming an old, dilapidated property into a new beautiful home, but believe it or not, it's never as easy as what's shown on TV!...Flipping Houses is Hard! 😫



I wanted More

Once I finished my personal residence I was addicted, and wanted to take on more projects so I could ultimately quit my job someday.  At that point, I knew I had to get serious about my business if I was going to escape the rat race so I started focusing on my real estate education & my business systems.

I joined BiggerPockets.com (Free Real Estate Investing Forum), bought a couple of books about flipping houses and learned a ton about analyzing deals until I gained enough courage & confidence 💪 to start making offers on properties.

I Gained the Confidence to Start Making offers

I put my new found knowledge of analyzing deals into a simple Excel spreadsheet to help me estimate rehab costs and analyze deals to determine the Max Purchase Price I should offer for the properties.

I probably made 25 offers on houses without an accepted offer.  This was soooo frustrating 😫...I had all the motivation, the education & had I my new fancy deal spreadsheet, but I just wasn't getting any offers accepted...

At that point, I start second-guessing myself: "Am I being too greedy?"..."Or maybe I can do some work myself to make the numbers work?"...

Over the next few weeks, I clung to my education & my numbers and one day I got a call from my Agent, and she had some great news...the Bank had accepted my offer! 😲

"Oh sh&t!..."

This was an exciting, but scary moment...and it was all very real at that point...

My dream of flipping houses and hopefully quitting my job had finally begun...but the real hard work was just beginning!

My First Flip

My first flip was a REO (real estate owned), bank foreclosure property that was owned by a bank.  The property was a 1,924sf, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom property that needed some extensive repairs to the exterior and interior of the property.  The exterior needed a new roof, new windows, new garage doors, new deck and a fresh coat of paint.

The interior of the property needed new finishes throughout including new doors, new bathrooms, new flooring, a fresh coat of paint and fixtures throughout.  Another issue we ran into was the property had aluminum wiring, so we needed to replace the electrical panel and completely re-wire the property.

This was a pretty big project to start with for my first flip, but I felt confident from my education and the numbers I had in my fancy spreadsheet that this was going to be a profitable deal!

My Deal Analysis

In this video case study I will show you how I analyzed my very first flip deal using my House Flipping Spreadsheet.  I take a deep dive into all of the project costs, calculations and formulas I used to determine the Maximum Purchase Price I should offer for the property.

My Rehab Estimate

In this video case study I show you how I created a Rehab Estimate for my very first flip project using our Rehab Estimator.  I will share estimating tips and tricks to help you learn how to estimate rehab costs more accurately for your house flipping projects.
My background in construction cost estimating was very influential in molding the design and functionality of our Rehab Estimator tool.  

Our Estimator is broken down into 24 Trade Categories (Roofing, Siding, Windows, Cabinetry, Electrical, etc.) Each category has a cost database of typical repairs and prices that can be used as a starting point for creating a Rehab Cost Estimate and detailed Scope of Work for the project.

The Estimator was critical in helping me establish a realistic rehab budget before I bought the property so I didn't overpay!

My First Flip Results

My first flip took around 2 months to completely renovate once we took possession.  Once we listed the property, within the first couple of days we had multiple offers over asking price and ended up selling the property to a first time home buyer for $123,000.

The result of my very first flip was a profit of $18,986, but more importantly I learned a lot of valuable lessons, provided a high-quality home for a new home buyer, and gained the confidence to buy more houses and grow my house flipping business.

The Evolution of the Spreadsheet

Once I got my first flip under my belt I started building project management tools and checklists to help my projects stay on-schedule and on-budget to maximize profitability.

Over time, my spreadsheet became more powerful with new tools, reports & features being developed every day.   ​

After countless hours, long nights, elaborate formulas, crazy VBA coding, and thousands of hours of tinkering and development, the result is the House Flipping Spreadsheet!

House Flipping Spreadsheet Screenshot
Our 1st Generation
The 1.0 Version of the House Flipping Spreadsheet was a simple deal analysis calculator that included a repair cost calculator and maximum purchase price calculator...this just wasn't good enough :)...

Our 2nd Generation
The 2.0 Version included some great new additions to the spreadsheet by adding the project scheduler and adding 10 great reporting options...I knew we could do better!...

Our 3rd Generation
After 8 months of of development work we completely re-built the spreadsheet to what I believe, is the most powerful, comprehensive, Excel-based solution for analyzing deals and managing rehab projects...

Our 4th Generation
Our 4.0 release added in some new tools, features & reports to help bolster and enhance the existing foundation laid with the 3.0 re-build.

Our 5th Generation
The 5.0 Version completely re-built the user interface with new Workflow layout to help enhance the user experience....we also added in new tools & reports to help analyze & manage your deals!...

Our NEW 6th Generation
The 6.0 release simplified the Deal Analysis and Accounting workflows to make analyzing deals and managing projects more intuitive...

Learn About the New House Flipping Spreadsheet 6 Release

Today, the House Flipping Spreadsheet includes everything you need to analyze deals and manage your projects.  In fact,  we are the only product on the market that provides all-in-one solution for Deal Analysis, Project Management & Accounting.

New Web Software Platform (Flipper Force)!
But we understand that spreadsheets aren't for everyone, so if you are looking for a web-based house flipping software platform, we have that too!  For over a year we have been developing a new web-based platform called Flipper Force which includes all of the 'flipping amazing' functionality in our spreadsheets, except the platform is completely web-based, mobile-responsive, and takes advantage of the latest web technologies!

Learn About Our Flipper Force House Flipping Software

Trusted By Thousands of House Flippers Across the US & world

I realized the systems, spreadsheets, documents & checklists that I had created for my own house flipping business would likely be valuable to other house flippers across the country.

In 2013, I finally decided to share my House Flipping Spreadsheet creation with the world!

Today, the House Flipping Spreadsheet is used by THOUSANDS of house flippers across the country (and Canada) to analyze deals, estimate rehab costs & manage their rehab projects!

Thanks to our relentless dedication to our product and customer service we have proudly earned a ⭐ 4.7 out of 5 star rating on over 250 reviews.