Another Successful Project & Great Review

Checkout this 'flipping amazing' house flip by one of our clients!

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Another Successful Project & Great Review

Daniel Andrews of Marietta, Georgia bought his first flip and used the House Flipping Spreadsheet to estimate his repair costs and calculate the maximum purchase price he should offer the property.  The seller was asking $119k, but the spreadsheet told him he could offer over asking price at $125k, and the seller accepted his offer!

He bought the house for $125k and invested $26k to renovate the property.  All-in with his purchase, repairs, holding & selling costs he invested $169k.  

He just listed the property at $225k and stands to make over $50k profit on the deal!   That's a home run on his very first deal!

Congrats Daniel, you are a natural at this!

Dave Robertson

Dave is a real estate investor & house flipper in Kansas City, MO and the founder & creator of the House Flipping Spreadsheet.

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