New Google Sheets Feature (Checkboxes)

Checkout this new feature that Google Sheets just released, checkboxes!

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New Google Sheets Feature (Checkboxes)

Okay, I know this doesn't sound that amazing to the average person, but to a spreadsheet nerd like me, I am kind of excited about this new feature that Google Sheets just released, checkboxes!

With new check boxes feature you you can create checklists much easier!  

In fact, I have already updated all of our Deal Analysis Checklist,  Rehab Checklist, & our Punchlist Report with the new Google Sheets functionality.

Now when you click on a checkbox, it will automatically cross of the item from your checklist.


Dave Robertson

Dave is a real estate investor & house flipper in Kansas City, MO and the founder & creator of the House Flipping Spreadsheet.

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