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FAQs About Our Free Download

What are Macros?

Macros are code/scripts that run within Excel that help automate common tasks, navigation, data crunching and reporting that operate behind the scenes of the spreadsheet. Macros are used throughout the House Flipping Spreadsheet and in order for them to operate, they need to be enabled.

How Do I Enable Macros?

Typically, when you open a Macro-Enabled Workbook, a yellow message bar will appear at the top of the spreadsheet.  

On the message bar click, Enable Content which will enable the macros within the House Flipping Spreadsheet.

Here's a video on How to Enable Macros:

I Enabled the Macros, But The Macros Still Aren't Working

Microsoft recently launched new security settings that require you to save the file to a 'Trusted Location' like your Desktop.   Once you save the file to your Desktop, you can reopen the file, and make sure you click Enable Macros, then the macros should run and you should be able to operate the spreadsheet.

To Save to Desktop: File -> Save As -> File Location -> Desktop

I'm Getting a Corruption Error Message

If you are downloading the file using Internet Explorer/Edge, you may get a corruption error message.
Switch browsers to Google Chrome or Safari, or send us an email and we can send you a fresh spreadsheet file.

What Additional Features Do I Get From the Paid Versions?

This free version only includes the Rehab Analyzer & Repair Estimator features for analyzing a flip deal and estimating the rehab costs to help you analyze your first deals.

Our paid versions add reports so you can use your analysis & estimate data to create professional investment reports.

Project Management & Accounting
Our paid versions also add in Project Management tools for managing the project and accounting features to track your project expenses to keep your project on track & on-budget.

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Case Studies Using Our Free Spreadsheet

Learn about my very first flip and how I used the House Flipping Spreadsheet to Analyze the Deal & Estimate the Rehab Costs, so I didn't overpay for the property!
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