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Learn How to Analyze House Flips Using the House Flipping Spreadsheet

In this case study, I will walk you through the numbers of my very first flip deal and discuss how you can use the House Flipping Spreadsheet - Lite to analyze project costs and calculated profitability.
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How the House Flipping Spreadsheet Works

Powerful Deal Analysis Features

The Rehab Analyzer calculates the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer for a prospective rehab property based upon the calculated fixed costs (buying, holding, selling costs), repair costs, and desired profit.  

The Rehab Analyzer provides a comprehensive investment dashboard so you can make educated offers, minimize risk and ‚Äčmaximize your rehab profits!
House Flipping Spreadsheet Fixed Costs

Calculate 'Other Hidden Costs'

Calculate all of the other costs you never see on the house flipping tv shows, like your buying costs, holding costs, selling costs & financing costs.

  • Buying Costs - Costs associated with purchasing the property (inspection, title insurance, appraisal fee, closing costs/points, etc.)
  • Holding Costs - Costs associated with holding the property (financing, taxes, utilities, insurance ,etc.)
  • Selling Costs - Costs associated with selling the property (commissions, seller assist, warranty, title work, etc.)

Estimate Rehab Costs

Our Repair Costs module provides an overall dashboard to review  your repair cost estimates for each Scope of Work on the project.

You can also tack on a little extra Rehab Contingency to cover any unforeseen conditions or issues on the project.

House Flipping Spreadsheet Repair Costs
House Flipping Spreadsheet

Rehab Profit

Simply fill in the desired profit  and let the dashboard calculate your profit per month and ROI results to pinpoint the profit that will satisfy your investment goals.

Or if you know the Purchase Price you can calculate your profitability based upon the purchase amount.

Calculate the Maximum Purchase Price

Calculate the Maximum Purchase Price to be paid for a prospective rehab property based upon your cost assumptions and investment criteria above.

Maximum Purchase Price Calculator

Create Professional Investment Reports

The Rehab Analyzer creates a professional, and printer friendly Investment Packet that summarizes your financial analysis and highlights your project's ROI and profitability.

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