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Learn How to Analyze a Rental Deal Using the Rental Calculator

In this case study, I will walk you through the numbers of my very first flip deal and discuss how you can use the House Flipping Spreadsheet - Lite to analyze project costs and calculated profitability.
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Powerful Rental Analysis Features

The Rental Calculator calculates the potential cash flow for a property over a 30-year period to help determine if the property would make a better flip or buy-and-hold investment.
Rental Calculator Feature

Single Family or Multi-Family Analysis

Analyze single-family rentals, small multi-family or large apartment deals.

Rental Income

Forecast the monthly rental income that you will charge your tenants.

  • Vacancy Loss - Input the percentage of income that will not be realized due to vacancy of non-payment of rents.
  • Other Income - Input other monthly income, such as laundry or vending that may be receive from your tenants.
Rental Income Calculator
Rental Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses

Forecast your operating expenses for operating and managing the property such as taxes, insurance, maintenance & property management fees.


Setup your funding strategy for financing the purchase of your property including conventional loans, bridge loans and cash-out refinances.

Rental Financing
Rental Property Cash Flow Calculator

Cash Flow, Equity & Total Return

Calculate the Net Cash Flow the property will generate, as well as the equity earned from appreciation and paying down the loan principal.

Calculate the overall Total Return the property generates through Cash Flow & Equity.

Create Professional Rental Investment Reports

The Rehab Analyzer creates a professional, and printer friendly Investment Packet that summarizes your financial analysis and highlights your project's ROI and profitability.
Rental Investment Report

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