Scope of Work report

The Scope of Work Report Builder creates a professional, printer-friendly report that summarizes all the repairs required on the property that can be distributed to contractors to receive contractor bids.

Scope of Work Report

The Inspection Checklist is a printer-friendly report that can be used to walkthrough potential rehab properties to quantify work items so you can create a detailed and accurate repair cost estimate!
House Flip Scope of Work Report
House Flip Scope of Work Report
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What is a scope of Work Report?

A Scope of Work is a detailed list of all of the renovations that need to happen to a property that is given to a contractor so they can provide an accurate bid proposal.

Why create a SOW?

Creating a detailed Scope of Work document for your rehab project is critical because it establishes a clear project plan that your Contractors can use to provide accurate Bid Proposals.  If you don't tell your Contractor exactly what work needs to be included in their Bids, it leaves too much room for interpretation which can result in Change Orders, conflicts and disagreements.

Reason #1 More Accurate Contractor Proposals

Eliminates the guesswork for the Contractor so they can provide a more accurate estimate.

Reason #2 Makes Bid Comparison Easier

Ensures that all of your Contractor's are bidding the same scope so bids can be more easily compared.

Reason #3 Minimizes Project Disputes

Ensures that you and your Contractor are on the same page which should minimize disputes.

Reason #4 Minimizes Change Orders

With a detailed SOW document you are less likely to have expensive Change Orders.

Reason #5 Maximizes Profit

With less Change Orders you will naturally make more profit on your projects!

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