Inputting Project Tasks

Learn How to Input Project Tasks into the Project Scheduler
Printing the Project Schedule
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Inputting Project Tasks

Learn How to Input Project Tasks into the Project Scheduler

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Inputting the Task Description

The 1st project task that will be performed on the project is interior demolition.

You will notice that the Project Scheduler is pre-built with a drop down menu & database of typical scheduling tasks.

You can use the scheduler database or input your own custom task description.

Inputting the Start Day #

Once you’ve input the task description you will input the Day # that the project task will start on.

It’s important to note, that you need to input the Day # and not the date.

The Day # is referencing the day # that is found on the project timeline.

The interior demolition is planned to start on the 1st day of the project schedule, so we are going to input 1 as the start day #.

Once you’ve input the tasks’ start day #, you will then input the task duration in # of days.

Inputting the Task Duration

We are anticipating the interior demolition should be completed in 2 days, so we ill input the number 2 under the duration of days column.

You will notice once you input the start day # and duration the project scheduler creates a Gantt Chart that illustrates the task start and finish dates over the project timeline.

Setting Up the Project Scheduler

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Inputting Project Tasks

Printing the Project Schedule