Printing to a PDF

Learn how to print a report to a PDF.

Printing to a PDF

Learn how to print a report to a PDF.

Video Topics

  • 00:45 - Use Adobe PDF
  • 00:50 - Or Find a Free PDF software on Google
  • 01:05 - Try out if you need a free PDF creator option
  • 01:20 - Creating a PDF report
  • 02:00 - Print Preview
  • 02:25 - Print to a PDF

Video Transcript

Downloading the House Flipping Spreadsheet

Start to Finish Overview

Opening the Spreadsheet

Creating a New Project in Google Sheets

Enabling Macros

Authorizing the Spreadsheet

Creating a Template Spreadsheet

Project Setup for Google Sheets

Setting Up the Project Setup Sheet

Zooming In Google Sheets

Creating a New Project

Sharing the Spreadsheet

Saving the Spreadsheet

Printing the Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Printing to a PDF