Zooming In Google Sheets

Learn how to zoom in and out using your web browser in Google Sheets.
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Zooming In Google Sheets

Learn how to zoom in and out using your web browser in Google Sheets.

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Depending on your screen resolution, you may have to zoom in or zoom out of the House Flipping Spreadsheet to optimize your viewing screen.  

Google Chrome
If you are using Google Chrome web browser, click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner, and in in the middle of the menu you will find a zoom setting, of which you can adjust the browswer zoom.  Change the zoom setting as needed to best view the spreadsheet,  Note changing the zoom on this tab will not affect your other open tabs or future tabs that you open in your browser.

Google Chrome Zoom

Internet Explorer
Similar to Google Chrome, internet explorer has 3 horizontal dots in the upper right hand corner.  Again, change the zoom setting as need to best view the spreadsheet.

Internet Explorer Zoom Setting

For Safari, on Apple products, click view on the safari toolbar & then select zoom in or zoom out at the bottom of the menu to zoom out the spreadsheet as needed.

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Zooming In Google Sheets

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